Rescued Abused Dog Shrieks When Touched For The First Time — But Then Realizes It’s A Loving Hand


If you’re on this website, we already know how much you love animals — they are our babies, they are our family. Pets aren’t just “pets” to us — they are so much more than that. Sadly, so many abused and neglected animals will never know what it’s like to feel love.

Shockingly — there are over 1,500 reported cases of animal abuse in the United States every single year. Again, these are just the cases that were reported. There are an assumed thousands more that go unnoticed.

When an animal is abused, the physical wounds may heal — but it’s the emotional and mental scars that can have a lasting effect. Sometimes, even for the rest of their lifetime. Abused animals have problems with anxiety, fear, trust, and separation.

An animal behaviorist named Kristen Collins is the head of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. This organization is a nonprofit in New Jersey that helps rehabilitate abused dogs. She can testify to these emotional scars that abuse causes.

“Most of these dogs have spent their whole lives in one place and have seen few people,” Collins explained to the New York Post. “They have been in solitary confinement and have never seen the outside world or walked on grass or have been touched by people.”

“They come to us in a state of physical and behavioral damage.”

Thankfully — it’s groups like these that are helping these unfortunate dogs. They are giving them a second chance. Continue to the next page!