Sanitation Worker Found A Bag. What Was Inside It Tore Her Heart Into Pieces.

Dog owners should really stop doing horrible things like this. If they can’t care for their dog anymore, why can’t they be bothered to find the dog another home or drop her off at an animal shelter?

This tiny purebred Shih Tzu was just seconds from getting stuffed in the back of a garbage truck and to a landfill when sanitation worker Victoria noticed one of the trash bags move. When she opened the bag, she found the Shih Tzu in horrible condition and covered in her own excrement.

Victoria took the puppy to Bark Animal Shelter. The shelter named the dog Victoria after the kind sanitation worker that saved her life. So she found this pup before it was too late. He was literally seconds away from death. I hope she finds a forever home. She deserves one! Thank you Victoria for saving this poor little dog. And to her previous owner, may bad karma bite you in the butt.

It sickens me to keep hearing of these horrible cases where poor innocent animals are abused or neglected like this! Its sooo cruel!

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