Security Footage Catches Man Abandoning Puppy On Side Of Road In Florida


There are people on this planet that should never be allowed to own or be around animals of any kind. The thought of abandoning a puppy on the side of the road is absolutely unthinkable for most — but one man in Florida was caught red-handed.

People like you and me, weren’t dog and animal lovers, take the love our animals very seriously. Our dogs, cats, and other animals are a part of our family. They aren’t “just a pet” or “just a dog” or “just a cat.” They have souls, they have feelings, and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Dogs don’t understand why they are neglected or abused. They don’t know why you’re abandoning them. All they know is that they thought they had a leader, a companion, and a family — but now it’s all gone.

Time and time again we come across stories, like this one and the video you’re about to see, and it not only saddens us, but it angers us. We never want to see any dog or other animal treated like this.

This story begins in Apopka, Florida where a homeowner noticed a tiny puppy roaming in her and her husband’s front yard. They didn’t see anyone with the dog, so they decided to look at their security footage to see what happened.

After viewing the footage — the homeowners’ hearts sank to the ground. Watch the security footage and see what happens to this little puppy. Continue to the next page!