Senior Dog Was Taken To Vet To Be Euthanized 一 Came Back To Life With Love

senior dog

Some dogs out there have had really hard starts to life. Many of them will never know what it feels like to be loved and have a forever family. One senior dog was thankfully given the chance they deserved.

A dog named Emu was found on the streets in horrible condition. He was malnourished, his skin had mange, and his future wasn’t looking very good. At first, it was thought that maybe it was best if they put the dog down.

However, once the veterinarian saw Emu, they knew that there was so much life left in this beautiful dog 一 he just needed someone to give him a chance. He just needed someone to show him what love is.

The vet suggested that the dog attend the Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day to see what happens and how Emu would react. We couldn’t be happier that the veterinarian came up with such a wonderful idea.

Before Emu could go to the adoption event, he found a foster family to take him home. The foster family teamed up with Vet Point in order to make a plan to bring Emu back to health. It was going to be a process.

Now that Emu was safe, it was time to nurse him back to health and find him his forever home.

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