Morbidly Obese Dog Loses 60 Pounds After Being Adopted



Heidi Flore and her husband recently lost one of their Labradors. Of course, a pet can never be replaced, but they were finally ready to welcome a new dog into their family. They wanted to adopt another Labrador as it’s their favorite breed. They weren’t expecting to meet a dog so obese, it would blow their minds.

While Heidi was browsing Facebook, she came across a dog who was “a tad overweight” but needed a new home.They decided to drive to meet the chocolate Lab in person to see if he was a good match.

When they arrived at the house, the woman who put the post up on Facebook let him out the kennel. As the dog ran toward the couple — they were completely shocked at what they saw.

“He was the heaviest dog I had ever seen in my life; he looked like one of those huge pigs you see at the farm,” Heidi told a fellow website. “All I could say was, ‘Oh my God,’ over and over. We immediately noticed that he was a happy boy, with a loving personality, tail always wagging. We decided that we would take him. I knew that we could help him. We didn’t tell the kids and when my daughter walked in the house from school she said, ‘What is that?’”

The obese dog is named Shiloh and when they first took him home, he was 146 pounds — nearly twice what a healthy chocolate Lab should weigh. Shiloh was so large that he couldn’t get around very well, constantly needing to take breaks. He needed assistance getting up on the couch as well.

It was going to be a long road, but you’re going to want to see Shiloh now. Continue to the next page!