Shelter Dog Get’s New Home And Adorably Freaks Out!

shelter dog

When a dog gets adopted from a shelter, we can’t even imagine what sort of emotions must be flowing through them. It must be such a relief to get out of that kennel and into a warm and comfy home.

For some adopted dogs — they’ve never played in a yard or on grass before. So when they finally have one? The reaction is magical. If anyone has ever moved into a new house or neighborhood as a kid might remember how exciting it was to explore your new surroundings. My brother and I use to call it going “exploring.”

For a shelter dog, especially one that has never experienced a life free of abuse or outside of a shelter, something as simple as a backyard can bring excitement that sends them into a tailspin! Literally, their tails are spinning out of control. This was the case with a dog named Christy!

A dog named Christy is a West Highland Terrier and she recently was able to experience this incredible feeling. Her backyard even came with a special treat that not many people even have the luxury of having.

Her reaction to this special treat in the backyard is absolutely glorious and we’re so happy that the entire reaction was filmed. She went from shelter dog to spoiled dog!

Christy was adopted to a new wonderful family in Florida. Of course, the weather is warm and tropical in this southern state so many homes have ways to cool off. We’re talking about an awesome, refreshing, swimming pool!

The newly adopted shelter dog notices the swimming pool in the backyard and a total frenzy ensues. It’s insanely adorable — Christy is completely unable to contain her excitement about it. Epicly freaking out.

shelter dog

Her owners make her wait patiently though — she has to learn her manners. It was a great opportunity for their first training session. Christy is surprisingly patient to wait for the door to open.

But once that glass door slides open — oh my goodness, let’s just say it’s one of the funniest dog videos we’ve ever seen. We’ve seen some excited dogs before but this is excitement to the next level.

Any dog lover that watches the video below will be elated. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re watching a dog be so happy! The fact that Christy was once in a shelter but now has such joy running through her is so touching.

Christy’s excitement and enthusiasm over a simple swimming pool is contagious. It’s truly a mood booster.

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Source: Anxious dog really wants to jump into the pool! by BrianFreeman on Rumble

So, let’s be honest — would be you as excited as this dog if you were surprised with your very own swimming pool? Let us know in the comments!

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