Family Gives Sick Dog Best Last Day And Made The Internet Cry


A family documents the beautiful yet heartbreaking final journey of their sick dog named Hannah. She’s terminally ill and the best gift they could give her was to let her go.

The story emerged from Snapchat. It once more demonstrates that one of the best things in life, one of those pleasure that waxes off planet Earth’s cruel corners, is the lovable species known as dogs.

An Imgur user has uploaded a Snapchat story that documents the last days of his beloved dogs life. A gut wrenching tale caught in pictures and words.

It details not only the animals accession to Heaven, but this family’s pulsing grief.

“Hannah was on a couple of meds’, one for her kidneys and another for the pain she had in her elbows and her hips… She had really bad seizures .. I finally decide that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just as cruel. So I decided to give her one last hoorah day of pampering.”

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