Man Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice So His Sick Dog Can Live


There are times when one’s own interests must be placed aside for the well-being of someone else. Sometimes we are forced to make a selfless decision based on the greater good of someone else. This is the case of Sheba, a sick dog whose owner made a huge sacrifice.

Her owner, a homeless man, tried to take care of her but his dire situation was a detriment. He was of no help at all to Sheba’s health. He knew he had to do something to help her, he just didn’t know what.

She got in a fight and injured her leg badly. It was in very bad shape. She also suffered from a life-threatening infection that could prove fatal if not taken care of promptly. It was getting to be a very serious situation.

Her owner made a selfless decision to let Sheba go. She was admitted to a hospital for proper attention since he could not afford to take care of her anymore.

It was the hardest, most heartbreaking moment in his life.

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