Sick Man Abusing Dog On Train Gets What He Deserves

Most of us treat our dogs like family. They are just as valuable and loved as other family members. Perhaps the only thing that sets them apart is that they have four legs.

Unfortunately, not everyone who gets their hands on a dog cherish them like treasures they are. 22-year-old Killean Milledge sure doesn’t.

Thanks to CCTV, the young man was caught abusing his Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ronnie inside the train. He hung the dog by the leash and swung him against the wall. Horrible!

But as if that wasn’t cruel enough, he placed poor Ronnie on a seat opposite his and pressed his foot against the pup’s face. The dog was visibly distressed. But fate was on Ronnie’s side that day!

Read on to see how Killean’s cruel act was caught by train staff!

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