Starving, Scared Dog Trapped On Mountain For 6 Weeks Until Hikers Finally Rescue Her


Trinity Smith is an amazing young woman who lives near Mt. Bross in Colorado. She had read and heard reports that there was a dog barking and crying somewhere on top of the mountain. Her gut told her that she had to help.

This mountain is nothing to mess with — Mt. Bross is over 14,000 feet above sea level; oxygen levels are low, and so are the temperatures. There’s no way a domestic dog could survive on its own up there for long.

Ms. Smith was being told by people that it was probably just a coyote, but something in her heart was telling her that she should still go. She hopped in her car and drove up to the frigid, massive mountain.

When Smith starting hiking up the mountain trail, it was peaceful with a beautiful light dusting of snow. The higher she went on the trail, she started to hear the distinct sound of a dog’s bark off in the distance.

Smith tried her best to walk toward the dog’s barking and crying, but every time she’d try to follow it — the sound would appear to be coming from another direction. The echo of the mountain range was making it very difficult for her.

When it started to get dark, Smith knew she’d have to return to her car and postpone the search. This, however, didn’t mean that she was going to give up on this lost dog.

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