Stray Dog Who Chases After Woman On Beach Turns Out To Be A Treasure In Disguise

stray dog

A wonderful Greek woman named Valia Orfanidou is no stranger to taking in a stray dog — or three. She is a self-proclaimed dog rescuer but tends to only rescue dogs who are in severe need of rescuing. But one day — her rules changed.

Valia was vacationing about 100 miles outside of Athens near the beach. Every single afternoon she would walk her rescued dogs along the water. One day — a young, vibrant stray ran right up to her and her dogs to join them.

“She had spotted us from a distance, and since she was looking desperately for company, she joined the four of us, and tried to fit in,” said Valia.

“I panicked,” the experienced rescuer wrote on YouTube. “When you are an animal lover living in Greece, you simply get used to lonely stray dogs wandering around everywhere, and choose to rescue the ones that can’t make it on the streets: the sick, emaciated or hurt ones, the newborns, and the pregnant females.”

“Stray dogs are probably millions in Greece, and given the fact that the mentality here will not be changing anytime soon, there will be millions more to come in the next years,” Valia said. Valia volunteers for various rescue organizations and shelters in Greece. “Being on vacation in the countryside is not easy – you either have to turn a blind eye of come back home with a dozen of rescue dogs.”

But this dog — whom she started calling Blue — kept pulling at her heartstrings. Continue to the next page to watch this incredible video and hear this touching story.