Sweet Rottweiler Provided Comfort To Military Wife – Now Needs Some Help Of Her Own


You’re about to meet a Rottweiler that will absolutely steal your heart. Her name is Betty and she certainly isn’t just any dog. She’s been a life-saver and therapy dog for years. Now it’s her that needs the saving.

Betty belongs to a woman named Laura from Pennsylvania and has been Laura’s rock for years now. But first? A bit about Betty. Betty the Rottweiler is currently only 7 years old – she obtained her AKC International Therapy degree at just a year old.

Laura’s ex-husband was deployed to Iraq – this moment was devastating, nerve wracking and heartbreaking for Laura. But it was Betty who was there to provide comfort – she was there to hold onto and cry with. She kept Laura going.

When Laura’s husband returned – like many soldiers – his thoughts were still in Iraq. Betty was there yet again to give Laura the love and comfort needed and the strength to hold on. Her goofy and sweet demeanor helped her owner cope with the distance between her and her husband.

But now it’s Betty that needs help – she is slowly going blind and her owner is sensing that feeling of devastation once more. Continue to the next page to see how you can help!