Tears Stream Down Man’s Face When He Finds Stolen Pit Bull

It turns out that Titan had been at a local shelter – it’s unclear whether he escaped his kidnappers and wandered the streets or if the kidnappers decided they didn’t want him anymore. Regardless – he was there. But what Barry found out when he arrived at the shelter absolutely brought him to tears.

Omg miracles never cease my Titan boy is been gone for one year and four days I posted something on Facebook today with a bunch of his pictures and Bam I got to hit he’s coming home

Posted by Barry Gearhart on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Barry was told that if a few more days had passed – they planned on euthanizing poor Titan. It was a true miracle that these two reconnected at the time that they did. It was almost too late. As soon as Barry walks up to Titan’s kennel and says the familiar “Hey boy” – Titan knows he’s back with his dad. We can just feel the extreme joy and happiness through our screens, can’t you?

Source: TheDodo

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