There’s A Standby-List For Petting Puppies At This University!

Every student knows that exams can be very stressful. Every person on earth knows that puppies are the cutest things ever! So why not use adorable puppies to help students de-stress? Genius!

Dalhousie University in Canada has made their students very happy by doing just that. The cuteness level of these puppies is out of control and the students are lining up to visit them!

Not only are these precious pups helping ease exam-day jitters, they are also being trained as guide dogs by a local charity! This idea is catching on so quickly – the University can’t keep up with the demand!

I think this is amazing. Puppies can de-stress people like no other! Dogs are healing and this is just a small demonstration of these four-legged creatures capability to heal!

There’s how many on the waiting list?! There’s more on the next page! Just click next page link below.

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