Thousands Of Dogs Die Every Year In Car Accidents – There’s A Simple Way To Prevent It

car accident

Sometimes the truth is a hard thing to swallow. And sadly – the truth about dog fatalities in car accidents is absolutely shocking. But with one simple decision – you could help curb these statistics.

First – let’s take a hard look at what’s happening around the United States every year. Nearly 6 in 10 dog owners have driven with their dog in the vehicle every month over the past year. But unfortunately? Sixty-five percent of dog owners have admitted to engaging in a distracting behavior while driving.

Thousands of cats and dogs were hurt or killed in car accidents last year. It’s heartbreaking to think about – especially because it could have been prevented.

Looking away from the road for only 2 seconds doubles your risk of a crash. An unrestrained dog can easily cause a distraction while driving; even if it’s just to look back to pet them or make sure they aren’t eating something they shouldn’t.

Shockingly – 84% of people who bring their dogs on road trips or even short car rides do not use a proper restraint. Many think that their dogs are well-behaved enough to not need one. Sadly – that’s far from the truth.

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