Tiny Dog Gets Dropped Off At Shelter, Staff Was Stunned To See His Cheeky, Silly Smile


A dog was recently picked up and dropped off at a shelter in Waller, Texas. He was just two-years-old and was very tiny. The little dog’s name was Cheech and the staff was concerned that he’d be very anxious and nervous in this shelter environment.

Shortly after arriving, however, Cheech was going to show the shelter staff that he was anything be anxious or nervous. In fact, he was apparently quite happy and relaxed. Cheech was going to prove it in the cutest way.

When Cheech was hanging out in his kennel, he started to make the funniest, strangest face. At first, the staff was thinking he might be upset. Nope. That couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Right after the funny, little grin, the tiny dog relaxed his face in the sweetest, silliest smile. This was the moment when everyone knew he’d win over every single heart that he meets.

“I went into the kennel to check him out and yelled for the other volunteers to come look,” Leah Sipe, director of the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue, told a fellow website. “They thought I was insane and that he was snarling, when I stuck my hand in the cage I thought they were going to pass out. He’s as friendly as can be!”

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