Tiny Dog Says It’s Rude To Stare – And It’s Hilarious!


Growing up we are taught all kinds of general rules and lessons meant to keep us safe and mold us into good people. These rules are the very foundation of behavior in our society.

Always say please and thank you, hold the door for others behind you, respect your elders and treat others as you would want to be treated. Another general rule of thumb was that staring at people is considered rude.

When I was younger I had braces like other kids but I also had head gear and that looks like some science experiment contraption stuck to your head. All the other kids always stared and some adults too, it always made me so self conscious.

It’s funny that this is also one of those rules that I think transfers into the animal kingdom as well. For most animals locking eye contact is seen as a challenge whether it be something serious or in play.

Anyone with dogs can attest how hilarious they get if you keep eye contact with them and while your dog may not call it rude they certainly don’t always like it. One little dog had no problem telling her owner exactly how she felt about it, continue to the next page to WATCH her school her owner in manners!