Tiny Dog Says It’s Rude To Stare – And It’s Hilarious!


My dogs are very familiar with this kind of behavior in play from their humans and are used to it by now. But that still doesn’t stop them from reacting to us every time and it’s hilarious when they do.

I’ll sit back and call my dog and then just look at him and once he realizes I’m not looking away it’s on. His tail will start to wag a little, then a little more and then he’ll completely go berserk and run circles around me accepting my challenge to play. It’s one of my favorite games with him!

Not all dogs are so amenable to the staring game, you do have to read the dog you are with, but this little sweetheart below says no in the cutest way. She puts on a full protest of her owner’s staring and she let’s him know just exactly how much she does not like it.

She sure is super cute when she’s protesting though. Keep up the good fight!!

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