Tiny Stray Chihuahua Rescued Right Before Giving Birth


A tiny little dog named Bridgette was recently rescued — and it was just in the nick of time. The stray Chihuahua was found in 100-degree heat, wandering the streets, covered in fleas, and very, very pregnant.

“It was very obvious to anyone that saw her that she was VERY pregnant,” Linzi Glass, executive director of The Forgotten Dog Foundation, told a fellow website. “She had a huge abdomen. She was only a few days away from giving birth when we got her.”

The rescuers worked quickly to get her to a proper clinic where she could get the medical attention that she needed. It was clear that they didn’t have much time before they were going to be bringing some little Bridgettes into the world.

After the pregnant Chihuahua was evaluated, she was placed with a foster home. Bridgette was able to relax and feel comfortable before giving birth. It was obvious that the sweet girl was grateful to be somewhere safe to deliver her puppies.

It wasn’t long after Bridgette got situated that she gave birth to four precious babies. This beautiful moment was so close to not happening at all, and the happiness doesn’t end here.

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