The Most Unique Rescue Dog Finds His Forever Home


You’re about to meet one of the cutest, most unique rescue dogs on the planet. His name is Cletus and he is certainly one-of-a-kind; however, his start to life was not an enviable one. This story is going to touch your heart.

Cletus was a stray dog roaming the streets of Los Angeles before he was adopted by his owner Mark Enrietto. Some people might say that Cletus is “ugly”; he has extremely crooked teeth, a serious overbite, and a crooked spine.

The Best Friends Animal Society had found the little dog in Los Angeles and they had no idea how long the sweet guy had been homeless. It was clear that the tiny unique dog was in bad shape.

When Cletus arrived at the vet clinic, he was suffering from a respiratory infection and had trouble eating. The little dog was absolutely famished and didn’t have much strength in his tiny body at all.

It was going to take some time for Cletus to rebuild his strength; the shelter and clinic staff assisted him with eating and nursing him back to health. From that moment on — Cletus’s life was turning around.

Continue to the next page for the video of Cletus’s beautiful recovery. His new family and life will make you tear up with joy! We couldn’t be happier for this unique adorable pup.