WARNING: Veterinarians Want All Dog Owners To Know About A Fatal Danger That Could Be In Your Backyard


As a dog owner and a dog lover — all we want is to keep our canine companions safe and healthy. When either of those things is jeopardized, it can be absolutely heartbreaking and devastating.

As of lately — veterinarians are noticing an influx of visits to animal emergency hospitals and vet clinics, and the injuries are shocking. It’s all because of a plant, technically a grass, that is found in many people’s backyards.

One of the luxuries of having a large backyard is letting your dog off the leash to run free. Or perhaps you live by a large field that you often take your dogs to play. It’s important to start thinking twice about these locations.

This certain type of grass is deadly. The scariest part of this type of grass is that it’s considered a silent killer because the symptoms can take a while to develop, in the meantime you’d think nothing was wrong.

Please keep reading and make sure you’re keeping your dogs safe and away from this silent killer. If we can save one dog’s life by having an owner double check their backyard — that would be worth it.

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