Woman Catches Her Dog Stealing Kisses From Her Boyfriend, The Dog Doesn’t Feel Guilty At All


Abby Schulte loves her boyfriend Ethan. They’ve been together for two blissful years and they have no signs of stopping. Well, at least that’s what Abby thought until she introduced Ethan to Harvey.

After Hurricane Harvey, Abby wanted to adopt a dog that had been stranded or had lost their family. When she brought Harvey home, he was very scared of just about every person he’d come across.

“Harvey is terrified of people,” Abby told The Dodo. “When I first had him, he would not let anyone else near him except for me.”

After Abby had Harvey for a few days, letting him acclimate a bit, she decided that it was a good time for Ethan to come over and meet the rescue dog. The second Ethan walked in the door, Abby’s fears of her dog’s reaction were completely tossed out the window.

As it turns out, the feeling was totally mutual and Ethan was immediately smitten with the kind-hearted dog. Continue to the next page for their sweet pictures, we can’t get enough of these two!