Woman Crashes Her Car In Middle Of Nowhere, Stray Dog Shows Up To Save Her

We, as dog lovers, know how amazing dogs are. They are loyal, loving, and compassionate. That’s why they are used as police dogs and service dogs — they’re incredible animals. The stray dog you’re about to meet is living proof.

Sometimes things happen in life that are completely out of our control. In an instant — your entire life could change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. A car crash, for example.

A woman out of Pavo, Georgia had one of those life-changing moments when she survived a potentially fatal car crash. The only reason she survived is because of a stray dog that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Shannon Lorio was out for a drive on a completely normal day. All of the sudden she approached a curve too quickly. Before she knew it — she was fishtailing and ended up down an embankment.

As her car fell down the ditch, she was thrown from her front seat, out her back window, and onto her trunk. She was terrified that she was never going to be able to walk again.

To add to this horrific event, she was in a rural area and the chance of a passerby was extremely slim. Lorio was afraid that she was going to die that day. But — fate had other plans for her.

A stray dog came out of nowhere and changed her life forever. Continue to the next page for more of this incredible story.

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