Woman Feeds Bacon Pieces To Lonely Shelter Dog. Then Dog Escapes And Finds His Way Back To Her


If you’ve ever rescued a dog, you know that sometimes — the dog chooses you instead of the other way around. The moment you look into their eyes, you know that you are meant to be together.

For one shelter dog, his obvious choice is someone that feeds him pieces of bacon.

A woman named Abbey is a volunteer at the SPCA, she has been volunteering with animals for quite some time. Every animal she comes across, she forms a bond with — but sometimes, the universe brings certain souls into our lives.

There are some beings that we have a connection with that’s so deep, so magnetic, that it just can’t be explained. When a dog named Ted was brought into the shelter where Abbey was volunteering, it sparked something magical.

Ted was shy, quiet, and timid — Abbey tried her best to get the scared dog to open up and relax a little bit. She attempted to take him on a walk but the anxious dog just wasn’t having it. He was too on-guard.

Abbey’s next technique to try and get Ted to let his guard down was the no-fail tactic of giving them a treat. Abbey chose to attempt and woo the dog with pieces of cheese-flavored bacon dog treats.

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