When You’re Down There’s Nothing Better Than A Dog – And These Babies Prove It!


As anyone who has kids or babies knows being a new parent can be really tough. You have 3 am feedings, diapers and countless other new tasks that come from being a parent.

Bringing a baby home is a big change for any family and a time to adjust to the new life ahead. This also involves any pets in the household and because dogs have very keen instincts they know right away something is different.

One reason we love dogs so much is because they are there to comfort us when we need it most. They always seem to know when we need a loving tail wag or a happy paw to shake and just how to cheer us up.

This dog intuition they have makes them perfect companions and they tune into what we are feeling just by being near us. So when the baby of the house is upset we can only assume it upsets the dog as well to know they are in need of something.

Some dogs will take this intuition a step further and try to help the babies when they are in need of comfort. Continue to the next page to WATCH these dog nannies in action!

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